Red Hair - Tips to maintain your colour and inspiration from Rockalily Cuts

There is a certain something about red hair. Whether it's firey, fierce or fantastically glamourous, you can't be too shy if you choose red locks.

The spectrum of reds can range from more pinky tones, right through to coppers. But I'm sure you'll agree that they're all pretty bad ass.

You don't have to go bright red all over either, a flash of red, or a flash of a contrasting colour can be a super fun way of keeping a little more alternative looking.

Red is a stubborn colour, and it can fade pretty fast, which can be disappointing but unavoidable. However there are things you can do to maintain the fabulousness of your new red shade.


  • Use a colour-friendly shampoo. Sulphates in particular can strip your colour super fast, so pick a shampoo wisely.
  • Wash your hair less often. Breaking the daily or every other day wash is perhaps one of the best things you can do for your colour. Try some dry shampoo or root boost powder to absorb the grease at the roots.
  • Use a colour boosting conditioner. You can either mix a product like Directions into your conditioner, or buy some ready made versions that are now available in most hair shops.