Reader Question - You didn't want to be a size 10, but now you're buying size 10...?

I got this comment on a blog post today:

"Firstly, big thumbs up on changing your approach to fitness, health etc. Superb job!

Secondly, I was reading a previous article...That final half stone......does it really matter?...and you say that you "don't want to be a size 10, honestly". How do you feel now that you are there? I know that your intention wasn't to become a size 10, just to get fitter etc, but, I am curious, how does it feel to be there?

You seem quite happy to discuss these topics, so I really hope you don't mind me asking such a personal question!"

It got me thinking, so I thought I'd publically answer the question. I said that I didn't want to be a size ten, but have recently been buying size ten how do I feel about it?

I don't feel I look like a size 10, as my boobs aren't a size ten, so perhaps I'm not the shape I would be if I needed to buy a 10 all over. I don't think I believed my body could shrink in this way, so I wanted to be a 12, but with less excess fat. I suppose that is just another way of being a ten!

I didn't dream of being a ten, I didn't work out imaging the day I could buy a pair of jeans with the magic 1-0 on the label. I wanted to feel healthier, and more confident about my body. I wanted to lose the excess fat around my middle. The outcome has been that my body has become smaller, and yes I like it. I like how my clothes fit, I like that I feel I am doing the right thing for my body and I like how my body looks without clothes on.

Would I be happy to return to my old way of eating/exercising? No. Do I want to get smaller still? No. It may happen, but I'm happy to work on the body I have. I'd like to be stronger and firmer, so who knows what will happen?!