Rainbow hair in London - What to expect!

Dreaming of rainbow hair? Of embracing your inner unicorn? Always wanted to try mermaid hair? The trend for vivids (rainbow colours) isn't going anywhere, so we're here to answer your burning questions, and help you prepare for your next hair adventure!

1. Unless you're blessed with very light hair, your hair will need bleaching before your rainbow colour can be applied. This means your hair will need to be in good enough condition to take some bleaching. Olaplex in your bleach definitely helps (we love it here at Rockalily Cuts) but it isn't a magic wand.

2. Our hair never forgets, so that black dye you had on it 3 years ago will rear it's ugly head during the lifting process. The end result will depend on how light your hair lifts, you may have to go with bolder colours at first, as your hair may not be light enough for pastels.

3. The colour will fade, and rub off onto things. Some colours are better than others for this, but generally you'll have to embrace some colour on your pillow cases and white shirts. This isn't acceptable for some people, but I just embrace it, the fun colours are worth it!

4. The colours will change as you wash them. If you want them to last as long as possible, use cooler water, and a sulphate free shampoo and conditioner. Wash your hair less often. A lot of our customers manage once a week. Dry shampoo will become your friend.

5. You can top up your vivids by adding some into your conditioner, and applying in the shower. We'll always advise you during your appointment about this.

If you have any questions about booking an appointment for rainbow hair, do feel free to reach out and get in touch!