Quick and Easy Beehive Tutorial

I've been wearing beehives a lot recently, but have been poorly so haven't taken many pics. I had someone ask me how I do them, so I've done a quick 10 minute tutorial.

This isn't a perfect beehive, but its a super quick day-to-day hairstyle, which can be made neater by just spending more time on it, or just enjoyed casually. I quite like messy beehives anyhow!

I'm not a hairdresser which means I never section neatly. I'm a "that'll do" kindda girl.

1. I have a large fringe, which means I have to start pretty far back. I trying to grab the front section of hair, that will be the smooth top layer of the beehive. If you don't have a fringe, you'd be grabbing much nearer the hairline than I do.

2. I clip this front section and start back combing all the rest of the hair.

Apologies, this next part is hard to explain, you almost just have to get into it and just give it a go.

3. The front section is still clipped out of the way, and I deal with the back first. I sort of grab a large piece of the backcombed hair and twist and pin it. You can see it looks quite random and messy at this stage. I focus on keeping some height at the top, and pin it pushing it up, rather than tight to the head.

4. I now unclip the front section, and brush it. I then smooth the hair over the backcombed 'hive' and twist the end and pin. I don't over think the placement really. It's just a quick pin and go hairstyle.

5 & 6 show the two sides. I quite like that one side is slicker, while the other is a bit more characterful. You can see how I used that top layer to just create that smooth finish. If you wanted to make this more polished, you would spend more time on creating cute curls at the back.

This is a perfect alternative to the ponytail, and can be jazzed up with a hair flower, a bandana or scarf.