Psychobilly Fashion - Zombies

A zombie may well be for life, not just for Halloween if you dip your toes in the psychobilly waters.

This zombie pin up dress is from Too Fast (at Attitude Clothing) and is £47.99

This Zombie varsity jacket is from Toxico and is £48

I have this leopard print dress in red, but the zombie green one is perfectly psychobilly! It is from Collectif and is £45

Are you a Franken-Lover? Wear the t-shirt! This is from Darkside Clothing (at Attitude Clothing) and is £26.99

You could be a little more subtle with your zombie green, with my Rockalily Bandana!

Give your zombie some glamour with these Iron Fist (at Egg n Chips Clothing) for £49.95

This I heart Zombies mini skirt is from Kreepsville 666 and costs £20

This zombie swallow necklace is from Dolly Cool and is £16