Prospectors Pomade - a new pomade on the block

1. Who created Prospectors Pomade, and why?
What began as an obsession between a group of friends to find the perfect water-soluble pomade eventually turned into a prospecting quest that has yielded a precious discovery-hemp oil, the bench marking ingredient in Prospectors Gold Rush Pomade. 
2. What makes it a great pomade? Who is it best suited for?
Hemp oil and its properties is what makes Prospectors Gold Rush Pomade great. The vitamins and fatty acids found in hemp oil promote healthy scalps. So not only is a great hair dressing pomade it also has benefits for a good head of hair.
3. How does it compare to its main competitors?
Prospectors Gold Rush Pomade offers is a premium water-soluble pomade with a clean scent that can hold throughout the day and benefit the user's hair.
4. What next for Prospectors Pomade?
We will be releasing two additional pomades  to the Prospectors line, within the next couple of months