Proper & Sons - New neighbours on Kingsland Road

proper and sons haggerston.jpg

My salon is on Kingsland Road, which is a super long stretch of Road connecting Dalston/Stoke Newington to Haggerston, Hoxton and down to Shoreditch.

It's a crazy road in many ways, always a hive of activity, which is undergoing a lot of changes (including Rockalily Cuts opening there of course!). I like to keep an eye out for our new neighbours, so I went to try a new cafe/deli that opened recently.

Proper & Sons seemed brand new when I visited, as the staff were still figuring out exacty how everything worked. I went for a salad, which looked impressive. This is what potential salads have people! Be gone iceberg lettuce!

My only personal bug bear is that I'm never a fan of coffee shops that serve a latte in drinking glasses - the small trendy ones. The coffee goes cold far too quickly. Apart from that, the food was yummy!