Progress Pictures - 19 months on (before/after weight loss)

before and after reeree rockette tattooed.jpg

When I pick these pants out of the drawer I'm sometimes curious and take a  quick 'progress' picture.

I took my before picture in Jan 2013, after making a new years resolution to change my lifestyle for ever. I'm now 19 months on, and sometimes forget how different my body felt to me back then. You can read all of my fitness and food posts here or....

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If you've been wanting to lose some weight, get fitter and/or stronger, the time is now. Summer is by the far the easiest time to make new healthier habits. 

I am 'maintaining' (most of the weight fell away in first 3-4 months I'd say) and I am still motivated by getting stronger. This 'keeping it going' is what proves I was never on a diet. Diets do not work. You can't change your  lifestyle temporarily but then just return to what you did before. It's damaging for your body and your soul I'd imagine! 

I'd say the biggest lesson I learnt was that the junk food (or nutrient poor food) isn't worth it. We enjoy the fats and processed carbs for the brief moment it enters our blood stream - and then what? Companies have spent billions telling us that we deserve it, and of course it has worked. We are sold that the idea that if we say no, we are depriving ourselves, and that we are worthy of everything we want, when we want it.