Preparations for The Chap Olympiad

The Chap Olympiad is an annual event, packed full of vintage sporting activities (cucumber sandwich discus anyone), picnics, cocktails and captivating people watching. I have been for the last two years, and have been looking forward to this summer's festivities for a long time!

Today I picked up a picnic basket, not supremely vintage, but cute enough and quite easy to carry.



I'm not settled on what I am wearing, but I picked up a couple of options. Firstly this charity shop skirt could look quite cute with a petticoat underneath.



I also picked up this halterneck branded label, but it is definitely more vintage, rather than second hand. The size label looks older, and the zip feels older. It is nice and long too; mid-shin rather than knee-length.

Still not decided, but at least I have a couple more options!