Popular kids grow up to be boring adults

I recently went to see the final show of Derren Brown's Infamous tour. It will be on tv soonish and I wouldn't want to share too much to ruin any of the surprises; I'm a massive Derren fan and would hate to kill the suspense he crafts so beautifully for any other fans!

However, during the show Derren talked a bit about school life; being bullied, being 'uncool' and not fitting in. He talked about the fact that popular kids don't need to find their path. They don't need to discover themselves. That they therefore lead boring adult lives.

I agree with him.

The 'popular kids' don't need to create their story. It is laid out for them. A path well trodden designated to them by their facial genetics or personality type. They are responded to in certain ways (by others) pushing them to a path of predictability. Perhaps they don't have to work as hard. Perhaps they don't ever feel not good enough,  and therfore not needing to develop their own sense worth. Society accepts them easily, which is a completely different experience to never feeling like you belong.

As a teacher, I once had a conversation with a teenage boy saying much the same. He was a fabulous kid. Good looking, kind, helpful, nice to be around. I heard he had trouble with some teachers but with me he was a golden boy. Never any trouble, and I enjoyed his company. He was bullied; followed after school. Physically intimated and hurt. Picked on. The only thing I could think to say as a way of comfort, was that I understood that school life feel like it lasts for ever. But it really is such a small part of our lives.  I promised I knew that his life would be awesome. At uni he'd shine. That he'd be popular and fit in. That his life would be kick arse.

I said that for most people school was pretty shitty. But that those kids who succeed in the school popularity contest rarely succeed in life's game. What makes them high up the tree simply doesn't count out in the real world. I asked that he just endure it. Just stick it out. That it's worth the wait.

What do you think? Were you the popular kid at school? What happened to your popular group once we all grew up?