If I were rich....

I really used to believe I'd be a millionaire. I'd quit my job and was preparing to open my own business. I think you need to be naively optimistic when you're risking it all, or you'd never go for it. Don't get me wrong, I adore my business, and my life, but it won't make me rich. So now if I want to dream about my future rich self, it generally starts with "What would I do if I won the lottery?", and not much beats playing the "what would my life be like" game over a glass of wine. This post is in collaboration with Lottoland.

Would I quit my job?

You can't just not work, but you can definitely work in some glorious places. I'd take my laptop, and work from some sunnier climes for a bit. Get me some decent wifi and I can do most of my job from abroad, and I'd definitely get my bag packed as soon as my winning bet hit the bank account.

When I was in Bali last year I looked at some properties, so perhaps I'd rent that house that I fell in love with for a year but walked away from.

What would I buy my Mum?

prada bag

It's not that I think spending over a grand on a bag gets you much more than spending £100 on one, but I've always said that one day I'd buy my Ma a Prada bag, and winning a big chunk of money would allow me to fulfil my promise. Maybe I'd even treat myself to buying it in New York. I've worked in the state of New York twice, but didn't really explore the city that much. I'd love an excuse to really explore the city so fancy they named it twice.

What would I do with my friends?

I'd love to take my best friends away on holiday with me, to a private villa with some staff on hand to cook for us. Great cocktails, great weather and great company. It's harder to go on holidays with your friends as you get older, holidays with partners or children come first, and we can't afford to take multiple breaks! I went on holiday with them when we were 15/16 years ago when we'd completed our GCSEs, and almost 20 years later it would be awesome to recreate it.

Where would I live?

I've blogged a lot about the trials and tribulations of renting in London before. I'm always in tiny places, with cheap furniture and often no central heating. I'd love to rent (or buy?!) a lovely little apartment for myself. I don't want a mansion, and I'm happy in London, I just want a little more space, and a little more luxury. I dream of an at-home office, and a bath. Gosh yes, a bath. I'd go back to having a fortnightly cleaner too, a couple of years ago I had one, and the joy it brought me never got old.

What would I buy myself?

I have never learned to drive anything more than a bumper car; growing up in London just meant we didn't really learn to drive. Public transport was pretty brilliant, and parking is often non-existent. I'm now edging towards 35, and I still can't drive, and I can't foresee a time when I'd decide to learn. However, given a big windfall, I'd maybe take an intensive course and buy myself a Vespa. No doubt I'd be too scared to ride it in London, but if I'm living in Bali for a year I'll need a scooter. They look pretty fun if I could shake the fears. Cute too.

It turns out, I probably wouldn't want too much more stuff if I won a payout, experiences and quality of life matter more now. I'm not saying I wouldn't enjoy a shopping spree at times, but generally I'd rather be chilling in my new spacious flat, preparing for a trip to the sunshine!

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