Planning my New Year's Resolution for 2011

I found this recently, it is my New Year's Resolution from when I was 7 years old.

It says, "My new year's resolution is to be kind to my cat because I do not like to give her a hard time."

Firstly, I adored my childhood cat Sammy. She lay  next to me when I was a baby, and continued growing with me until she died at 18. Her brother died as a kitten and my Dad buried him in a tool box in Finsbury park. So I cannot imagine why I would need to resolve to be kind to her. Perhaps I was just really stuck as to what to write and the teacher needed me to write something, so I just went with a resolution I knew would be easy to keep.

Secondly, I love that I used the phrase 'I do not like to give her a hard time'. Something about it just makes me giggle, it sounds so unlike what a 7 year old girl should be saying. I'm not sure how you'd give a cat a hard time, just generally annoying her I guess.

20 years later, what will my resolution be this year? I don't like to wait right until the end of December as I tend to panic and just make any old resolution, or make an empty one like losing weight or doing more exercise.

My concrete promise to myself is to own an IPad by the end of 2011 (or some sort of IPad substitute). 

Have you thought about it yet....what do you hope to achieve in 2011?