Pin Curls rather than Roller Sets?

Last night, I was playing with a new way of curling my hair. I usually sleep in rollers (and teach other people to sleep in them too!) but decided to try a pin curl instead.

I was going my a looser curl, I guess like a day-two set.

I created a faux bang with a rat and some extensions, and pinned all of my soft curls to one side. 

I was heading out to Kettners, which is a gorgeous restaurant/bar which opened in 1867 and has had enjoyed guests such as Oscar Wilde, Edward VII, Lillie Langtry, Agatha Christie and Bing Crosby.

The food was a tad limited for vegetarians, so I went for a starter and two sides instead. It was bloomin' delicious though. The girls had meat and were all very impressed with how well cooked it was.

More than the food, the level of service given was pretty top-notch. Rather than cluttering up the table with bottles, our lovely server kept our champagne cold, and just kept topping us up. It's the small things that make something feel special I guess!

Apologies for the terrible picture quality - you wouldn't think it was 2013 would you?! Rather oddly whilst in Soho we spotted two of our Rockalily Cuts customers - you can spot the colourful hair a mile off! ;-)