Pimping the salon with an Ella Masters mural


Here is my little salon, my extension of myself sat out in the street for everyone to judge. Since moving salons permanently last year, this shop front has become more critical, but a little neglected. Grey doesn't really represent how colourful we are on the inside. When we're closed, it's fine, we have kickarse graffiti from Binty, but when we're open....dullsville.

A confession. I'd already arranged for my talented pal Ella Masters to give me a wonderful mural, but I got impatient one sunny day and had a go myself. So impatient that I didn't have brushes and had to use salon tint brushes. Lols. Clearly a homemade attempt, it was fun but not satisfying, as it looked so shoddy.

ella masters mural

The salon has a lot of work on its walls from Ella, so having her paint the front just felt so right. I was her keen and enthusiastic assistant, ready to colour in between any lines that I couldn't fuck up.

rockalily cuts and ella masters

We were blessed with a sunny day, and I watched Ella sketch out her design ideas with pencil. Once we were sure, we got going with the outlines. It was so exciting watching it all come together, and I got quite confident with my assistant skills!

ella masters mural shoreditch

In total, it took the two of us about 13 hours I think (over two days)? With a break for lunch and a chat of course. 

ella masters reeree rockette 2017

I'm sure you'll agree it's a million times better than the plain wall, and my shoddy attempt at some pot plants. I just can't create things of beauty, its not a skill my body possesses. But I found it so joyous to be able to take part in creating something this cool. Was good for the soul.


It was just wonderful to spend two sunny days with a good pal, doing something creative. It obviously looks wicked, that goes without saying, but it was lovely to do as well. Forces you to put your phone down for a little bit and focus on the now - very mindful!

rockalily cuts shop front 2017

So a huge Rockalily thank you to Ella, you've given us the face lift we needed. If you want some Ella Masters in your life too, head over to her shop now.