Going on the pill with the implant

taking the pill at same time as implant

I've been sharing my journey of getting the contraceptive implant and I'm now 5 months in. Yesterday I finally returned to a clinic and asked for a pill to take on top of the implant to control the bleeding.

I'd expected to be given a small dosage pill, almost to just top up the implant, but you're actually give the normal pill. He did say I could run them back to back, so hopefully soon I'll be free of the bloody curse.

He checked I didn't want to take the implant out, but I don't. I feel the pill on its own just isn't predictable enough for me. Back when I was on it in my 20s I always used condoms too. They can be influenced by my own human error, as well as sickness and diarrhea, and I don't want a baby. The implant hasn't given me any side effects so I'm happy enough to leave it in, I just need the bleeding to stop.

I am a little nervous of having two loads of hormones in my system now, but I'm still hopeful and excited to have a possible solution. Watch this space.