Picture Show June 25th 1949 - Vintage Adverts

 I treated myself to this vintage magazine from 1949, it is about films and actors. This post will focus on some of the adverts from it.

"Film stars rose tint their gums! The stars are now rose-tinting their gums to match lipstick. This makes the teeth look much whiter by contrast...Used for years by the stars of both Britain and Hollywood, and now it's available to the general public."

"Betty Grable takes up new beauty-massage!"

Judy Garland is the face of this vintage Max Factor ad.

"Marsha Hunt...Lovely young Hollywood star says: 'Red-Red dramatizes my lips! Yes it is a dramatic shade and Tangee goes on easier stays on longer!'

"Just look at me Joan...Faded, Forty and Finished."

Armami Brilliantine for polished loveliness,