Photoshoot Day

We were having some pictures of the salon taken today, and of course were giving haircuts too! If you weren't around to appreciate it, it was a simply beautiful day weather wise. It meant a summer dress, but also a rather restless dog! He was quite needy today, hence my pic of him perching on me. 

We were also lucky to receive a new cd to play, which came courtesy of a fabulous twitter follower. A few people have offered to make a mix for the salon, and we're very grateful for some new music to listen to. Today's offering was very cool, and we listened to it on repeat for basically all of the day.

It seems that we have many people visit for haircuts who have awesome jobs. I love a career chat! Today may have involved me sharing my sadness that I would never illustrate my own children's book.

Ever think that a lady couldn't rock a quiff? Oh yes, we can rock whatever we feel like!