Photobox review - the power of going above and beyond with customer care

A quick review and discussion about the power of exceeding customers' expectations in relation to my order with

I wanted to get some prints of some instagram photos for an event I was going to at The Olympic Park, so with 7 days to go, I placed my order.

I recieved my email, saying that I could expect my delivery in 3 days time. Perfect.

However, nothing came, so on the day of my event I tweeted my disappointment that I wouldn't have the pictures for my event that evening. Now for the unexpected bit...

Photobox tweeted me and offered to courier them to me that day. I was out and about, so asked for them to be couriered to the location itself. They said yes, and low-and-behold they arrived.

The order had only cost about a tenner, so it wasn't as if I was a big customer! 

The whole experience reminded me of one of my favourite facts I read about a famous high end car company (Mercedes or BMW perhaps?). They used to say that they liked it when one of their cars had a fault (causing the customer to bring it back under warantee) as it gave them a chance to show off their customer service skills. Apparently a customer who had a faulty car was much more likely to become a life-long repeat customer, as opposed to a customer who never had a fault with their car. What a great thing to realise about the power of customer care!

Similarly I recently had an absolutely terrible experience with Talk Talk, and accidently ended up having to talk to BT about it. BT impressed me so much with their customer call centre that I switched. It was more expensive, but worth it after the tears, frustration and loss of 3 hour dealing with Talk Talk. Sometimes you simply get what you pay for. I'd rather pay the extra to have a call centre in the UK (with well qualified call centre staff!)

It matters what happens when things go wrong, more so than the fact that things go wrong.