Peek Test - Asking for feedback is scary....but oh so important

Asking for honest feedback (usually from someone you're not close to) can be scary. If it's about your own work, it's nigh on impossible not to take it personally. Constructive criticism usually feels like it focuses more on the criticising side, rather than constructive, because being told how to improve still feels like you're being told you're not good enough to start with.

I used Peek Test, a service which shows your website to a stranger and records them using it and their feedback. Peek? More like Eeekkkk!

Luckily, I agree with everything my reviewer said, and I will be making a few more adjustments to my website soon. It's always a work in progress isn't it?
I've had a similar service before, when I had Rockalily Lipsticks, and I sat with a web specialist who viewed my site for the first time in front of me. I found her feedback so useful. Turned out I didn't actually state clearly enough what I did (and what I sold). Things need to be so explicitly stated, you only have a few crucial seconds to send your message loud and clear.
You can of course review your own site, and try and have a strangers' eyes.


1. Is it instantly obviously what you do? Do you sell something? What is your blog about? Why would I stay on your website when I have the whole internet to browse?


2. Is it easy to navigate? Where would I go next?


3. Are you easy to contact? Social media easy to find? I'm surprised by how many bloggers who don't have their twitter easily accessible.