Peaches Geldof

I find it so depressing when a celebrity dies and my social media steams fill with people dictating that no one who'd never met the person should feel sad. They remind us with a heavily patronising tone that people die every day, that children are starving and they all deserve our grief too.

You may never have met Peaches, but you'll have been aware of her existence. A 25 year old woman who came from rather a bumpy childhood and now has two babies of her own.

You do not need permission from self righteous Internet users to feel sad that she is now dead. To feel sad for her babies. You do not need to quantify the grief you feel against the sadness of other events.

Grief can bring people together, or remind us of our own grief journeys and experiences. When a celebrity dies we are given a space to talk about death, in a way we may not feel available otherwise.