Patisserie Valerie Soho - My disappointing visit

So, I went for a business catch up with one of my Wonderful Women (Helen who is launching her own new film magazine) the other day, and we arranged to meet at Patisserie Valerie in Soho. I hadn't ever visited one, and was excited. In my mind, it was going to be gorgeous cakes and a lovely vintage environment. Hmmm.....


I arrived, and was allowed to choose where I sat, so I ended up choosing a table that hadn't been reset yet. When I placed my drink order I asked the waiter to clear the table (lots of sugar everywhere). My drink came, but the table remained dirty. I asked again, as well as asking for a second place to be set, ready for Helen. He acknowledged me, but nothing happened.

I started to look around. It felt like I was in the 1980s, not the sort of vintage I had hoped for! The furniture, decor and artwork all reeked of the eighties. Not a great look. The tables were scuffed and chipped, as well as stained. The chairs were tired.

The washing up area is open, so you see the stacks of washing up piled up, as well as hearing the noise of it. Hardly relaxing.

I had some scrambled eggs as I was starving.


The portion was generous, and tasty enough, although the texture was a little runny for my liking.

My table still hadn't been cleared.









Once I wolfed my eggs down, I got to the more interesting task of dessert. They didn't have my first choice, and the waiter wasn't supre helpful with telling me what they did have, but I eventually settled for an apple tart.



It was nice enough.


Overall, not what I had hoped for and I won't be rushing back.