Parkrun - I volunteered as a marshall

parkrun finsbury park volunteer.PNG

Following on from my run with goodgym this week, this morning I was giving another running community a go - park run! Park runs in 478 locations, every weekend, and I volunteered as a marshall. Each run relies on having volunteers to manage it, and I figured it would be a good way to suss out what happens at a parkrun before giving it a go.

So I didn't run today, I held the start tape, and cheered/directed people as they started their second lap. I had to arrived at 8:30, to meet the other volunteers, and I got chatting as we awaited instruction. Some volunteers are injured runners, but others have their own reason to want to donate two hours of their time so that others can run. I was a little confused about where to go and stand, so I requested the start position so I could find it!

I cheered the runners on with a variety of cheers, from "Wooooohooooo", to "You're lapping everyone at home in bed" to "You're so warm and toasty and I'm jealous!". Some runners thank each marshall as they pass "Thanks marshall" which was nice! Runners thanked me afterwards too, saying they appreciated me, which was also nice! A great way to join a community should you be looking for one.

It was cold, and I'm glad to be back home, but it was a nice way to get up and out of the house. Maybe next week I'll be bold enough to take part!