Painting a toilet cistern (ways to improve your small rented flat)

painting a toilet cistern

I've written before about the challenges that can come with renting, but as a long term 'older' renter I try and find all the ways I can to make my flat feel more like mine, like home. Recently I was asking twitter about painting my cistern, and the answers seemed to be spary paint. I went to the paint store, but the spray paint colour options were limited. The woman who worked there suggested just using an acrylic paint, which meant I had every colour option going!

These cheap plastic toilet cisterns are common when you rent, and they never look clean as they seem to always turn this gross tobacco yellow. I picked a diamond eggshell from Dulux, in a shade called Jungle Fever 3, hoping to recreate a retro avocado green vintage feel. I focused on thin coats, and I applied two of these, a couple of hours apart.

avocardo green painted bathroom

I then got paint-happy and painted my white under-sink cupboard, and the bin (which used to be a bright blue). I also painted my soap dispenser and the back of the bathroom door. The room is too small to really get any full pictures, but once the door is finished I may well add a few more!