Packed Lunch Pride

It may be a tad dull to get excited about, but I've recently got much better at bringing lunch to work, when I'm working at the salon, rather than home. It's still pretty chilly, so I'm a big fan of soups. My Thermos is perfect, keeps my soup piping hot, has a spoon in the lid, and is wide enough to be able to eat straight from it, rather than having to pour into a bowl.

I'm lazy, and don't enjoy cooking, so I have to admit I buy soups, most usually New Covent Garden Soups, when I spot them on sale. I'm usually getting them from £1-£1.50.

When the weather warms up, I often go for hummous, and/or a salad. Marks & Spencer in particular do great salads, but I do make my own too. I'm not that lazy!

Bringing in a packed lunch can save you money and can help you make better food choices, it can sometimes just take a while to create the new habit of remembering to bring it to work! Nothing much sadder than remembering that you left your ready-to-go lunch in the fridge.