Our favourite places in Shoreditch, Hoxton and Dalston

Rockalily Cuts is in Hoxton, which is slap in the middle of Shoreditch and Dalston, so I thought we would share some of favourite local places!

The Love Shake is probably the place we frequent most, for after work drinks. We grab a beer, a veggie bagel and Stinky the dog can come with us. They're definitely one of our favourite neighbours.

The Fox is in Haggerston, just down the road from us, and we love snuggling on the leather chairs with a vodka or two. They also allow the beast in.

Betty's Coffee is (despite their spelling error) in Dalston, and just down the road from us. I love grabbing a coffee and crumpets while I catch up on my emails.

Hula Nails is a retrotastic place to get your nails and spray tans sorted!

I will add to this list as I remember other places I've no doubt missed off!