"One night stands are disgusting. For girls I mean, not guys" #everydaysexism

I like to have chatty noise in the background when I get ready in the morning, so I tend to turn on some trashy reality tv. I currently rely on Big Brother and Love Island to create noise while I apply my face and get dressed.

I was given a harsh reminder of how rife casual sexism and ignorance still is, when I heard one of the female contestants say:

"I've never had a one night stand. I think it's disgusting, for a girl I mean, not for a guy".

Firstly, the most painfully obvious sexism dripping from her belief is that gender dictates our behaviours and choices. That there are some things that are ok for men, and not for women. So painful to hear a grown person say these things.

Secondly, the use of the word "disgusting" is such a sad one to use when describing the actions of consenting adults (usually both/all having a lovely time). 

This leads to my third and final sadness with her statement. That we still live in a world, where young adults judge others on what they do in their own bedrooms. 

Consenting sex is not disgusting folks. Having sex with someone you met that evening does not mean you are any less of a person, not does it have any reflection on your level of morality. Most of us have sex drives, and sex between happy and healthy adults is their own business.