One in Four

So, I was at One in Four:

"Mental illness is one of our last taboos and it is more common than you think. But there is something you can do to help - To coincide with World Mental Health Day and to raise awareness for the Time to Change campaign, we bring you our 2nd annual burlesque & cabaret extravaganza.

...To highlight the important significance of the need to change one’s attitudes towards those with mental health problems and in an attempt to dispel many of the myths out there, we have brought together a team of entertainers from the cream of the UK’s burlesque scene who support awareness of mental health, or have had their lives affected by mental health issues, to perform for you."


My photos are terrible, as my camera doesn't like the dark, and I will link to the professional photos once they have been released.

There were some great free workshops during the day, including a burlesque workshop with the fabulous Jo King. Watching the Chigago themed one was a lot of fun, and the ladies did a great job at learning the routine.

Although the event was for a serious cause, we also had a bit of a giggle with the pledges.

I loved seeing Jo King perform, particularly after her moving speech. It is rare to see something 'new' in burlesque but I loved how she undid her corset!

Having never worked with Ophelia Bitz, I have worked with her twice in a couple of weeks. Simply hilarious. I love seeing funny females - not enough of them out there!

I had never heard of, nor seen, Piff the Magic Dragon, but he is exactly my sort of comic----dry, dry, dry.

There were free bags for everyone (complete with a teeny tiny Bea DeVile's face on it).

And the lady herself, Bea DeVile.