On the hunt for Alternatively Lovely single people!

On Saturday night I had the pleasure of attending Rock 'N' Rolio, on the hunt for single and fabulous people. I blogged earlier about the bop-tastic music they play here.

Here I am with my trusty clipboard, on which I hoped to find single people's details. The aim is that next month, at Rock 'N' Rolio we hold a small meet and greet, for single and glamorous people. Nothing too cheesey, just a chance to meet some other like minded people, before the night kicks off.

I will be posting more about the finer details nearer the time. Follow me on Twitter or Facebook if you want to be kept in the loop (ReeRee Rockette).

I had a blast. Unfortunately waking up with a fake moustache on your boobs hurts. The glue sets hard.