Olympia Beauty - Nailympics and OPI bargains


Today I went to Olympia Beauty, a trade show for beauty professionals. I took along Mother Rockette, and we arrived complete with flat shoes and fab dresses.

It is primarily aimed at salon owners - to see which brands, products, services and machines they may want for their salon, but there were also a lot of beauty students there. The stands offered good discounts, so I could see lots of people stocking up with the items they needed!


Mother Rockette enjoyed the OPI stand, and here she is enjoying the 'discount' bucket - all OPI shades there were only £3.

The Nailympics were taking place upstairs, and although I didn't stay long enough to see the finished products I did enjoy looking at the models getting ready!

How about an Alice in Wonderland (complete with house)?

Or an under the water theme?

Chav complete with bubblegum?

Even angels need nice nails!

Vintage-style geisha?

Or a garden nymph?