Olaplex - My Review of Going from Black to Blonde Hair

Olaplex has been over here in the UK for a short while now, and we've been offering it at the salon for a few months. I finally decided to throw my hat in the ring and test it out; could it make me blonde?

Olaplex can be added to colour or bleach, or used as a stand alone treatment. It isn't a magic wand, it can't repair hair that has completely gone, split ends won't glue back together; you'll still need to cut them off! But it repairs damage inside the cuticle, as well as helping colours last longer. Good stuff!

These pictures are 4 processes in, I actually did another beach the day after, to shift more of the orange! If you're wanting to leave black hairdye behind, you can see how orange it lifts, and why you may well have to accept that it can take months and months of transitioning up the colour chart.