Officially good at adulting


Sometimes I have those moments when I realise I am a fully functioning adult. You'd think owning a business with staff would do achieve this pretty regularly but that all feels a little surreal sometimes. 

Yesterday we had a blocked sink at the salon.  No fear though I'm pretty darn handy at DIY. Most of my shop is my own fair handy work.  I turn up with the ultimate in drain declogging;  91% sulfuric acid.  I mean business.

This all went swimmingly and I was feeling pretty good. However one flaw in the plan....attempting to push the gunk down with the end of a comb. The pipe got pierced.  

Now I have a salon full of acidy water. And no working sinks. My initial instinct is to get annoyed that I hadn't just been patient and waited for the acid to work. However, I work hard to always be solution focused. No point wasting time reflecting on what happened. Just work out how to move forward. 

It was 7pm but I chanced calling a local plumbing supply store. They agreed to stay open if I ran. So off I ran, clutching my gross pipe to see if I could buy a new one.  They sold me one and again I felt rather triumphant. I was going to do this! 

Sadly one end of the pipe was too small, cue more water everywhere. Next solution idea was to steal a pipe from my second salon. That feeling that a solution was in sight started to creep up. Rather annoyingly it wouldn't fit either.

My regular plumber was unable to come until the next day so I tried Bizzby. It's an app I once had a freebie to review, but I've since used it to find a cleaner too. I booked an emergency plumber at £129 an hour. Welcome to the world of adulting. 

The plumber called me, asked for some photos, and said he really wasn't sure he could fix it, but he'd try. He reminded me that there would be no charge if he couldn't.  

Magically he managed to fix it, with my pipe from the other salon. So with my slightly sore and raw hands  (from the acid) I could finally head home at 10pm. I did reflect that I'm pretty good in an emergency. I'm not afraid to get dirty but also know how to call for help when needed. 

If you fancy trying a service on bizzby use my code of reereeroc to get 10 pounds credit.