Official Blogger for Female Entrepreneur Week

female entrepreneur week

I quit my job and became self employed over 6 years now, and my hair salon opened about 5 years ago. Having a blog really was the stepping stone to me quitting the world of education, and becoming my own boss. This meant that my blog really followed my whole journey, and I used to blog a lot about business. More recently I blog less about this, as it feels like my life has moved on a bit, but of course, my business still fills my whole life (our jobs do fill more time than anything else we do!). 

I've sort of dipped my fingers in a lot of pies, and when I first quit I had a part time job in a cabaret club to tie me over. Then I created my lipsick brand which paid my rent for a year before I decided to open a salon instead. My lipstick brand meant that I worked solo, from home. To get me out of the house, I launched a Women's Business Support Group, called Wonderful Women: Minding Our Own Business, which ran as a subscription model for a couple of years, with regualr meetings (and homework!). Then I moved to owning a bricks and mortar business, my salon, and alongside opening this business, I also took a year away to work for a digital marketing agency. I run the salon full time, but I am not a hairdresser; my strengths are in marketing, social media, running a business and writing. I do some freelance writing on the side, and I have a book agent. Phew!

Anyhow, I've been invited to be an offcial blogger for FEW, Female Entrepreneur Week, and I leapt at the chance to chat business again! I often find that those of us running businesses with actual physical products are left out a little with all of the digital entrepreneurship flags flying, so I'm going to be bringing it all back to help those of us who have IRL products and services, not just digital ones. 

It starts on the 21st June, and runs until the 30th, and there is a facebook group to chat and share with other female entrepreneurs. There will be online seminars and all sorts, and of course I'll be reflecting on what is being said, and blogging my own take (I always have an opinion! He he!)

So if you've been missing my business chit chat, or looking to reflect on your own business goals, perhaps join me in the FEW facebook group, or keep an eye on my blog for more entrepreneur inspiration next week!