Novelty Earrings from the 1950s

Novelty earrings are nothing new, some of these 1950s novelty earrings are amazing! If this video has inspired you, how about some of these modern novelty earrings?

These seashell earrings are from Tatty Devine

These hot dog earrings are from Little Miss Delicious

These scissor earrings are from Chelsea Doll

These banana earrings are from Trashy Doll

These retro record earrings are from Bow and Crossbones

The video included an ear cuff too, have you ever worn one? This one is from Extreme Largeness

Earrings are a cheap way to update an outfit. These retro starburst earrings from Stray Jewellery are just £2!

These ballerina earrings remind me of an earring in the video too! They are from Claires.