Not Feeling so Lovely

Recently on my twitter feed I have noticed a number of gorgeous ladies complaining about feeling low/down in the dumps/crap/listless etc. It made me think of my Learning To Be Lovely Post.

We can spend time hoping for slimmer thighs/a flatter stomach/a different nose (delete as appropriate), yet people who we consider almost 'perfect' looking feel just the same as us. Looking conventionally (in the media's mainstream eyes) pretty may seem like a ticket to permanent happiness but it doesn't ever seem to be the case.

We can look to the famous faces to see just how miserable many of them seem/become. We can look to our 'pretty' friend to see that their life is just as muddled as ours is.

If you become half a stone lighter over night (it does always seem to be the magic half a stone) what would change really? Would you  be happier in your job? A better friend? Less stressed about the things that stress you? So what are you waiting for?

Start living as if you'd lost that half a stone already. Wear the clothes you don't think you have the figure for (trust me, when you look back at it in 20 years time you'll feel sad that you didn't realise how pretty you were) and work on feeling lovely 95% of the time. We're all allowed 5% of feeling crappy, but life really is too short to give much more time than that.