Not being happy with my body (in fancy new Freya lingerie)

I was lucky enough to be sent this gorgeous longline bra by Freya for Valentines. It's actually my first long line bra, and its super cute! I'm wearing a 32F and a size M knicker.

I've posted before about why I started to review lingerie online (and therefore posing in my pants on the internet!) before but this post is a bit different.

I took these photos and honestly felt shocked and sadly a little sick in my stomach. Harsh statements I'm aware, and not very self-loving but I'm practising being honest.

Although my food and drink choices have softened somewhat, and my gym visits have lessened, I still thought I was making good decisions. I thought I was maintaining my body changes. These pictures proved me wrong.

I am not happy with the outcomes of my choices. I don't hate myself, I don't hate my body, I'm not sat contemplating starving myself for two weeks. However, I know I want to return to what I have been, and need to mix it up and make some new changes.

I first lost some weight back in 2013 (reflecting on my fitness changes) and have pretty much stayed on a good path -remaining active and low-carb for just over two years now. I must have become too lax. And I'm not ok with it.

So what's changed? I guess winter, easing up on the gym (maybe once a week rather than 2/3), dating (you drink more), and just getting comfortable.

So, I'm going to get my gym mojo back, stop the carb treats I've been giving into, and drop the wine again (and stick to vodka). 

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