"No man wants you" - The ultimate insult?

I'm not the first woman to be on the end of this sort of bitterness, but I still find the rudeness and brashness pretty shocking.

The mini back story is that I spoke to this "gentleman" a while back from a dating site, exchanging numbers and chatting on Whatsapp for an evening or two. It didn't go anywhere, so I thought end of story.

A while later, maybe a couple of months, he messaged yesterday out of the blue, which I ignored. Again today, which I replied to. I politely enquired what was up, why was he messaging etc. 

"I wanna chat."

I particularly enjoy the 60 second switch from "Can we start again?" to calling me a racist.

I resisted the urge to defend myself by listing my non-racist credentials. I don't need to prove myself to a man I've never met.

What I found most interesting was the end insult, "no man wants you".  

Let's ignore the obvious fact that 6 minutes ago he did, but more that some men believe that it is the ultimate insult. No man will ever want you. 

Isn't it tiring how when some men get rejected they can switch with so much hatred (towards women?). No doubt they bitch and moan to their friends that women are shallow and racist.