New Years Eve - What on earth to wear?!

So, it's New Years Eve, and everyone is panicking that they haven't made any plans, or don't know what to wear, or where to go.  The pressure to have a massive night out usually ends up making me want to just stay in!

Looking back at some of my old NYE outfits certainly makes me cringe!

2006 was pretty scary, I felt very naked, and had never worn a corset (this was a super cheap rubbish one) and it felt LIKE A BIG DEAL. I smile slightly at that; I was so nervous to stand out, but it was a burlesque themed night so it was hardly a ground breaking outfit!

2007 is a rather fake tanned year, and despite it being rather an odd outfit, I felt ace. Really ace.

2008 was back to burlesque themed nights, and I wore a 'proper' corset this time. I actually still like this outfit, and I miss my long hair!

2009 was me in a more bog standard rockabilly girl dress. I'd gone red too.

No clue what I did in 2010!

2011 is my worst outfit here, I went to a local pub and have no clue what I was thinking when I got dressed that evening.

2012 was a better year, but I don't have a full length picture. Just a modern ASOS dress.

Who knows what I'll wear tonight if I end up dragging myself out! What are you wearing?