New wig review - ISIS Nadia Celeb full wig

blonde wig with dark roots review

On the left, is how the wig arrived. Rather long, and very thick. You can take a peek at it here.

As I always say, most wigs need some attention when they first get home. On this one I added more of a fringe, reshaped some of the flicks, and cut some length off.

I have been really impressed with the texture of this wig, it isn't real hair, but it's much softer than most of my other wigs, and pretty matte, I didn't need to powder it at all. If I was being really fussy I'd take some time to pluck the parting, which I may still do.

It's an amazingly dense wig, lots of hair!

I'd definitely buy from this range again, perhaps trying a full lace wig to see if I prefer the part and hairline, but really impressed!