New vintage glasses from


If you follow me at all, you'll probably know I love wearing vintage frames (they look far more glamorous than anything high street opticians have to offer, as well as allowing me to see!).

I used to get my lenses put in at specsavers, but they have recently upped their prices, as well as my local one now refusing to do vintage frames like they used to.

I have had a few pairs of vintage frames waiting for lenses, so when I was recommended I was ready to try them out!

They put lenses into vintage frames (starting from £15 a pair for basic lenses with a couple of quid postage), as well as selling new and vintage frames.

I found them very helpful (I didn't know a section of my prescription) and I'm now excited to have new glasses to wear. I can't wait to get my other frames filled too!

My dream is to have a glasses wardrobe or shelf.....wonder how I could arrange them all!?