New tattoo for Halloween

halloween tattoo at prick

Last night me and the team at Rockalily Cuts headed off together after work to get some Halloween tattoos together. When I say Halloween tattoo, mine isn't a themed tattoo, just that it comes from a piece of Halloween flash. Basically, many tattoo shops offer cheaper tattoos on Halloween, sometimes £31 (back in the day was £13, or just a cheaper rate than usual). If a tattoo is from a flash sheet you don't get to change it, you get it as is.

what happens with a new tattoo 2015

Here is my tattoo the morning after. Don't be scared if your first tattoo looks like its melting off! I generally leave the cling film on for about 4 hours or over night depending on the time of day I got the tattoo done. I was tattooed late in the evening, so just slept in it to protect my bedding.

tattoo healing

Bandage off. Yum. I'm heavily tattooed and tattooists no longer give me aftercare advice. Over the years I've followed so much different advice, from Prep.H cream, bepanthen, tattoo specific cream, vasaline moisturiser etc. I've also used Liz Earle cleanse and polish. However, now, I do pretty much nothing. My tattoos have all healed well, and now I just do the following:

1. Once the cling film is off I shower it with a hot shower. It will feel like you're burning it, but you're not. This was advice from Valerie Vargas (and I pretty much trust her!), who once told me to just clean it with water as hot as you can stand. I shower off all the gunk.

2. Generally just leave it alone, washing it with hot water every morning and evening. 

3. If you're washing the gunk off, I find it doesn't really scab up that much, but if you get a scab, don't pick them off.

rose tattoo simple

After my shower gunk gone, nicely red!

Have a great halloween guys!