New ship tattoo for Great Ormond Street Hospital

getting tattooed rockalily december

Yesterday I headed off to get one of my Christmas presents! My step mother always gives me some cash, with the stipulation that it's for a tattoo. She lives a tattooed life vicariously though me!

haunted tattoo shop

Haunted Tattoos, on Holloway Road in North London arranged a Toy Drive for Great Ormond Street, where for £20-worth of brand new toys you could walk away with a new tattoo #toysfortattoos #tattoofortoys

Although I love a bargain charity tattoos (this isn't my first charity tattoo) £20 seemed too cheap, so I spent £41.30 (still a great deal for me!) on a game of scrabble, two frozen cuddly toys, four Science Museum toys, felt tips, and a Mog Christmas book.

Thankfully,despite being hungover, I was able to lie down, and rest during the tattoo, arms generally don't hurt so much, as they're so used to be being bashed about in the world. I stood up, finally able to get a look at it.

 Calm seas make rubbish sailors, so ride those waves and enjoy the wind in your hair. (The ship doesn't actually have a meaning, I picked it from a sheet that morning, but it seems that the world is much happier when tattoos have significant meanings).

Can you sense my sarcasm? ;-) Tattoos can just be pretty, they don't become more valid or less jarring because the represent some deep meaning. "But what do they mean?!" They mean I like colouring myself in. Boom.