New Rockalily Limited Edition - Photoshoot day!

Those of you who follow my tweets/blog/facebook may well have heard the rumblings of a new Rockalily Limited Edition Shade of Lipstick! This shade is my first collaboration, and I was super excited to work with Beauty Blogger Zozo of The London Lipgloss! Zozo, like me, loves social media as much as she loves her make-up, and I just knew she was the right lady for the job!

There will be more details of the launch, shade and event (#zomgbloggersbash) in the coming weeks, but I thought I would share our photoshoot day!

My photographer is Diana Thompson (Fashion Loves Photos) who has actually shot my last three Rockalily photoshoots, and today's gorgeous model (alongside me and ZoZo of course!) was Banbury Cross, who has already modelled for me (as well as being a dear friend).

Banbury, as the expert, modelled first!

As I was taking these 'behind-the-scene' pictures, there aren't any of me here, but do go and take a peek at The London Lipgloss' take on the day as well! Here is Zozo strutting (or pouting!) like a professional!

And here are a sneaky peek at one of the professional pictures!

And a more silly one!

Watch this space for more photos and info!