New Retro Glasses

firmoo glass review

I definitely own many more glasses than most average people but I wear them all day every day, so I never understand how people just wear one pair repeatedly. I mean, ask someone how many pairs of shoes they own, yet they stick to one frame, one their face, for years.

The majority of my frames are vintage, but I do mix it up with some new ones when the opportunity arises. Firmoo offered to send me some glasses to review, and I went for this retro-inspired half frames. I've actually been wanting some in this style for a while, so I was excited to get them!

The glasses are exactly what I'd expect at their price point, really good value for money. I've been wearing them a lot, since receiving them last week, and the only time they feel a little flimsy is when I clean the lenses. However this is usually the case with half frames, as they have less to be secure to.