New prescription sunglasses from #Firmoo

firmoo sunglasses

We've had a brief taste of sunshine (it is still only May!) and what other excuse do you need to make sure your sunglasses collection is up to scratch?

I'm a glasses wearer, and I enjoy wearing glasses. This is why I own so many pairs; they're the ultimate accessory, and it baffles me that more people don't own multiple pairs. We wouldn't wear just one pair of shoes, or carry just one bag would we?

Firmoo sent me these prescription glasses to review, and I of course leapt at the chance to expand my collection. I now have about 5 pairs of prescription sunglasses; a mixture of vintage and high-street.

reeree firmoo

When you need glasses like me, sunshine can prove troublesome. Wearing contact lenses can be annoying in the bright light or hayfever season. Sunglasses with your prescription in are a life saver!

It does mean, when you see me on the tube train, and I'm in my sunglasses, it isn't because I think I'm a cool cat, it's because I need my glasses to see, and it's not worth the faff of finding my regular glasses in my bag.