New foster cats - Miss Katie and Kelly

foster cats katie and kelly

On Friday night my new foster cats arrived. These two, Miss Katie and Kelly, and elderly ladies whose owner is currently unable to care for them. Their grumpy faces made me bond with them instantly. It's now Sunday, so I thought I'd share how we've settled in together.

Miss Katie arrived covered in sick and poo (from sharing a cat carrier with a male cat they'd lived with, who didn't travel well), so that gave us a rather smelly start. She wasn't cleaning herself, but did allow me to give her a little rinse under the tap. 

foster cat katie

Foster cat Miss Katie is braver than Kelly, so I've learned more about her so far. Her back legs are pretty wobbly, and she's got a swollen lump on her front paw. Both sisters seem VERY thirsty, which could be kidney failure, diabetes, hyperthyroidism or a UTI.  Miss Katie has already learned that the bed is a nice place to be, and she curls up on it with me. She really likes to be brushed. She had been using the litter tray, but this morning she tried to poo on the doormat (cue me grabbing her and moving her swiftly, mid-poo to the litter tray). I wonder if she's just slightly suffering from dementia. She's very vocal. 

foster cat Kelly

Foster cat Kelly is much shyer, and is still hiding away most of the time. She comes out to eat and drink, and once Miss Katie starts howling, Kelly often starts chatting back. They seem to like a good chin way at 4am.....

Kelly has had one litter tray accident so far, peeing on a scratching post instead of in the tray, so fingers crossed she figures it out soon.

A challenge for charities that offer fostering is that they often come with many medical issues, and there is a tightrope to walk regarding how much money you spend on each cat. This is especially true when you foster elderly cats, who will have a myriad of conditions no doubt. It would be impossible for each charity to magically pay for every medical condition to be fixed or tested for. They have to continually weigh up the small budget they have, with the needs to the cats they have in their welfare, and the ever-long list of people asking for their services. these two little ladies have been to the vet enroute to me, and I believe we're taking them on Thursday for vaccinations. I hope to go with them, as I'd like to work out whether they're in pain, or just very grumpy moany old ladies.