New business inspiration - from The Black Eyed Peas

I recently watched a documentary on on the BBC. The Guardian hated it, praying, "Please, someone tell me this was all meant to be a joke."

I however, really enjoyed it, and I wanted to share the positive messages I got from seeing that snapshot of Will's life and experiences.

Similarly to Margaret Thatcher, Will claims to have 4 hours of sleep a night. Joanna Lumley (who was doing the interview) stuttered that that wasn't a lot, and Will responded, "do you know what you can do in 20 hours?" He's right of course, not about only having 4 hours of sleep, but how full a day can be if we focus on time on productive activity.

Will came from a ghetto area of Los Angeles, and was raised by a very strict Christian single mother. She said she raised him that way as none of her 7 brothers or sisters ended up in jail, and so she mimicked her own mother's parenting techniques. Will wasn't even allowed to use words like 'lie' or 'damn'. He could only play on the grass by his house, not an inch further. As a child he didn't attend the local school, but was bussed to a school over an hour away, as part of a gifted student programme. He still values the power of good education through his involvement in many education programmes in his own neighbourhood.

He mentioned that there were two people who shaped his view of the world (outside of his family) and one of those was his 6th grade teacher. Great teachers are never forgotten.

Will says that he is "Ignoring my problems and ...paying attention to my dreams". He talked about confidence, surrounding yourself with positive people, discipline, and finding opportunities. He sounds like he reads similar books to me! I found him pretty inspirational to listen to, and to discover all of the varied pies he keeps his fingers dipped into.

Will seems to get flack for having an ego....but I think he's earned it! Nothing wrong will feeling confident and proud of your achievements. He seemed very grounded and grateful, I'm definitely a new fan!