Necklaces for summertime - rockabilly and vintage inspired

The sunshine today has excited me somewhat about summer, so I thought I'd blog about some summer-inspired necklaces.

icecream necklace little miss delicious.jpg

How about this icecream necklace from Little Miss Delicious? It's £25 and handmade in England.

shell necklace extreme largeness.jpg

You can imagine you're by the sea with this pink seashell necklace, which is £6.50 from Extreme Largeness

daisy chain necklace.jpg

This necklace makes me feel like I'm nine years old again! 

pineapple necklace.jpg

 I adore these pineapples from Bow and Crossbones, £6.99

water melon necklace.jpg

Sticking with fruity necklaces, how about this watermelon, from Trashy Doll for £6.50

pink retro car necklace.jpg

The sun makes me dream of an American road trip, so how about a retro car necklace? This one is from Punky Pins and is £9