Nearly 400 outfit posts style and how I feel about it

Here are my first five blog posts, from just over two years ago. I had been blogging for ages before this, but April 2011 was when I finally gave in and started daily outfit posts. I'm now nearing outfit number 400. Gosh.

Here are 5 more current outfit pictures. My style is still alternative, and still plays around the boundaries of rockabilly, but has definitely developed into something that is more 'me'. I feel much more confident to mix up my styles, knowing that I don't have to follow any fashion rules - whether mainstream or rockabilly.

Dressing this way makes me happy. It isn't to attract men (if I wanted to dress for men, it for sure wouldn't be like this!), and isn't particularly for other women either. It makes me feel good, and has the power to change my mood. The other day I was in jeans and a tshirt and forced myself to change into a skirt, as I needed the mood lift. It worked. It's hard to wear a Hawaiin shirt and not feel cheerful.

I've started feeling braver recently, and wearing tighter clothing, and I've really enjoyed the new confidence I have with that. This comes from a mixture of age, and eating well and toning up at the gym. 

My fashion makes me happy. I'm not competing with anyone, nor am I trying to impress anyone. Does your fashion make you feel ace?