Nanoblur at The Box


Tonight I headed to The Box for a launch of Nanoblur (sure you'll see the reviews online asap!). I attempted to take a picture, but was promptly told off by two bouncers - NO PHOTOS. A bit of a shame at a launch but oh well!

Being The Box, there was a hulahoop lady, and a hoop lady, both very muscley and fabulous. I just wish they hadn't been in underwear. I hate sounding like a bitch, and perhaps being within burlesque community has spolied me a bit! But they were both super talented regardless.

Luckily, I bumped into the scrummy MakeupLoveer and she snapped this pic of us, which I'm sure she won't mind me using:


The product is new from Canada (new over here) and will be stocked excusively in Boots for £19.99. It works as a reflector - using light to create a blurring effect over fine lines etc. You put it on over your foundation and just wash it off at the end of the day. It just creates an effect while its on, it doesn't promise to give any long term benefits.

I did try it under one eye, and on my forehead (where I sadly have lines now....) but I wasn't able to see any changes. However I think this is because I was in the dark. Of course to reflect, you need some light! They did some examples on stage, in the light, and you could see a difference - in 40 seconds or under.

I look forward to trialling it properly tomorrow!