Nancy Mitford: How To Be Photographed (from The Lady)

The salon has a subscription to The Lady, and there are often some gems of articles tucked inside!

This article is a reproduction of article that Nancy Mitford wrote for The Lady in 1930, and she is giving advice on having a photo taken.

"Let me implore you to choose a really good photographer. That is essential. Choose...what you consider the best photographer and go to him regardless of expense."

"...arrive at the studio fresh from the hands of hairdresser and manicurist. You must now decide what clothes you intend to wear, and here I am obliged to say the fewer the better. If you are some distinctive dress of of the present fashion, it will look unbearably ugly and dowdy by the time a few years have elapsed...I need hardly add that it is fatal to wear a hat. Nothing dates so quickly."

"And when, some three weeks later, the proofs arrive at your home, you will be able to indulge in an orgy of enjoyable Narcissism as you pore over them ..."